One Fans Journey Into Madness  

  I remember the first episode of WNYX News Radio I ever watched; I didnít really enjoy it that much and quite frankly, I was disappointed.

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Photo of a very cool WNYX fan (Smatchimo The Trumpeteer) with Dave holding one of my first Yellow WNYX mugs, which Dave signed.

  Dialing back a few years, well a little more than a few from today, I was a 16-year-old boy the eldest of 6 children growing up in Plano, Texas.  With poor grades and short on career choices, my two loves were art and comedy.

  Every Saturday night I anxiously waited for my favorite T.V. program.  Comedy for me was and still is a flight from school and stress that to this day, I still canít put my finger on.  

   Each and every weekend I would sit entranced, watching the likes of Jon Lovitz, Chris Farley, and of course Phil Hartman.  This man of many faces was endowed with a special power.  Phil Hartman could draw comedy from his mouth in seemingly uninspiring places such as Trap Door and Floor Cleanser commercials, Troy McClure, a washed up actor, to Phil Donahue.

   It wasnít until much later that I discovered he had started as an artist designing album covers for the likes of America and Crosby Stills and Nash.  


But alas, time moves on and so did I. 

  Growing up, our family never had the luxury of Cable T.V., so after heading to college at UT Arlington I decided to finally get Cable.  I was looking for something new and edgy.  Low and behold there was The Comedy Channel, and whom did I see? A certain Dave Foley, a crazy college guy dressed in drag.  Now, Iím not one to fancy a man in a dress, but this group of college looking guys were off the charts funny.  I had discovered The Kids In The Hall!  This Canadian comedy pulled many of us through our smoke filled college days.  We of course never missed the KITH tour through Dallas, and it wasnít till a few years later that we discovered some these Canadians had been writing for Saturday Night Live.  

   So time had moved on once again, and I was working the 9 to 5 in various cubicles and corporate fat cat companies, which brings my story to that muffled epiphany in shadows, WNYX News Radio.

   I couldnít believe my eyes.  Walking across my screen was Dave Foley in an American sitcom.  I froze, and then dropped the remote, because dressed in an unassuming brown suit was the actual Phil Hartman, once again on the small screen.  I was in comedy heaven; not one, but my two favorite comedians would be appearing weekly in full character before my eyes.  My boring, monotonous days would be spit shined by these gunfighters of comedy.  Week after week my friends and I would enjoy Dave running around the office with that yellow WNYX mug of his, seemingly unable to put it down.  I couldnít wait until I could buy one online, or at least when I attended a taping of the show.  

The Real Deal WNYX mug

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   As a couple of years passed by, I had turned into a two pot a day coffee feign searching for a wall socket every time NBC changed the air date of my favorite radio station.  Why would anyone mess with such a good thing?  America finally had the greatest group of seasoned and wet ear comedians assembled, and NBC seemed to be attempting to sink it like the Titanic.  But, after 3 years and millions of fans there would be fan memorabilia availableÖ a shirt, a sticker, the yellow WNYX mug surely.


   Nope, not a darn thing, except I believe a hat at one time, but that wasnít even in the show.  Buy year four, I was telling my friends every week, that Iíd one day make my own mug, one for all the fans out there.  They didnít believe me, and I wouldnít blame them, I had never really put my art skills to work for something I and millions of others truly loved.

   Well, that day finally came in 2005.  I spent many painstaking hours recreating the yellow WNYX mug I saw on T.V., along with stickers and t-shirts to spread the word, an ode to the show so many others and I loved. 

   And it hasnít stopped there; my brother Phillip (who is also an artist) decided to add to the fun with one of many designs, WNYX the Game, a Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor T-Shirt, and I must say it sure is Crazappy!  


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  God Bless Phil Hartman

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